Free Triathlon

Many of my early triathlon experiences involved turning up at a gravel pit, leaning my bike on the curb and racing a covert triathlon with mates from Berkshire Tri Squad. I'm therefore surprised it's taken me so long to try and recreate this late-80s vibe in Strasbourg.


Saturday 17th June 2017


07:30 on the beach at La Ballastiere, Bischheim.

The Course

  • Swim: 600m on a looped course.
  • Bike: 16km on the old La Wantzenau Triathlon bike course. Stop at the Petanque Club.
  • Run: Two lap 4km run from the Petanque Club. 50% tarmac, 50% gravel.

Post Race
Coffee / Croissants from the back of my car.

This is not a race. It's a social swim, bike and run. Go hard if you want. Be responsible for yourself. Stay safe.

Swimming goggles. Put running shoes in jersey pockets or drop off at my car. I’ll be at La Wantzenau Petanque Club from 06:30 until 07:00.

Volunteers Needed
To watch bikes in T1 and T2.

Favourite Running Books

I’ve read a lot of running books. A lot. Physiology, training plans, barefooting, biographies, ultra, histories and fiction. Here are the best 8, not in order. Tweet me if you think something else should be on the list. And yes. I have read Born to Run.

  • The Perfect Distance by Pat Butcher
  • Bowerman and the Men of Oregon by Kenny Moore
  • Flanagan’s Run by Tom McNab
  • Running with the Buffaloes by Chris Lear
  • On a Cold Clear Day by Frank Murphy
  • Kings of the Road by Cameron Stracher
  • Running My Way by Harry Wilson
  • Better Training For Distance Runners by David E. Martin and Peter N. Coe