1990 Hawaii Ironman Triathlete Magazine Special Edition

When I was at Upton Grammar I used to stop at WH Smith every Thursday on the way to the bus stop to buy a copy of the old A5* Athletics Weekly. If Running Magazine or Today's Runner was there I'd get that too. Sometimes I'd pick up an imported US copy of Runner's World.

The dream was always to find the latest Triathlete Magazine. Back then it was published Rouleur-style. About 8 times per year. There was the US edition then the US edition with a UK insert. Finally a UK only edition. Pleasingly, my Smith's continued to stock the US and UK versions.

Then one day there was this! A special edition of Triathlete about the 1990 Ironman! Allen caught Kiuru on the run and Tinley ran through for second.

There were also re-caps from all the previous editions.  Including new shots from the 1989 Ironwar. Although we didn’t call it that back then.

A real piece of pre-internet treasure that somehow has survived multiple magazine purges. What a school-day. I probably missed my bus-stop.

*Athletcis Weekly went A4 in 1987.