2005 Phuket Triathlon

In 2005 I was working in Thailand. I wasn't training much but with a small group of motivated colleagues, I kept fit enough to do a few triathlons. The Thai scene was growing with weekend-long race festivals in Nakhon Phanom and Rayong as well as our local Bangpoo Country Club series.

We had 25 and 50 m pools at the school and with the school swimming coach, Peter "Howeser" Howes leading the sessions we'd swim before work most days. Plenty of teachers used to run and we'd meet up to run on campus a few nights a week.

With night falling early in Thailand we'd do group turbo sessions in the school gym on weekdays and head to the popular Rama 9 road on weekends. Now there is the bike road around the new airport. Flat and windy but at least you're out of the Bangkok traffic.

On long weekends we also used to do a three-day ride from Kanchanaburi to the Myanmar border and back. Blog post coming soon.

In November, my brother, Luke, and his girlfriend, Catherine, were travelling through Thailand and came to visit me in Bangkok. Luke had brought his bike to take part in the Laguna Phuket Triathlon. The distances were 1800m / 55km / 12km. Perfect!

The race had been going since 1994 and had attracted some big triathlon names, especially when it was part of the short-lived ITGP.  The swim was half sea, half lagoon. The bike had a hilly first 20km then mainly flat roads. The run included a few out-and-backs and around the resort.

The night before the race we went to the Meet The Pros party. In 2004, although the word hadn't been invented, I'd got a selfie with Miles Stuart! We finished the weekend by attending the prize-giving banquet. Myself, Luke, Howeser and Simon were pleased with solid finishes in the heat.

The race still exists in a very similar format. Highly recommended!

All the photos above were taken by Andy, a colleague who came down to spectate. I really need to get back in touch with him, Simon and Howeser.