2018 Tegernsee Triathlon Tour

I just watched GCN Goes Bikepacking this morning and realised I really need to kick my triathlon-packing project out of the door. So if you like camping, bike touring and triathlon you're welcome to join me. Here's plenty of reasons why I think bike touring is great for triathletes.

This Tegernsee adventure is going to be my first triathlon tour in Germany. I started testing the format of riding to events with a three-day tour with my brother in July 2014. We rode mountains, gravel and bike paths. We stopped for wild swims and tried to race and run.

Importantly, we found the limits of fully-loaded triathlon touring. The distances that shouldn't be exceeded if you want to keep your sanity while getting fit and chilling out. Unfortunately, that year we didn't make it to Gray for the triathlon.

With two children and the arrival of a third at the end of 2014 I had little time to think about the concept. However, I continued to ride potential routes, uncover wild swimming venues, test campsites and experience races tour-able from Strasbourg.

In 2016 I got the closest I've ever been to riding to an event, camping overnight, racing well, riding home and then surviving to tell the tale. I'll write up my trip to the Sarrebourg Triathlon and post some photos tomorrow. 

I've gone back and forth on tour formats. Sticking points were daily riding distances and whether to design strictly tarmac or mixed terrain routes. However, I knew I needed to include daily lake swimming, trail running, nearly traffic-free riding, camping and a race.

There’s also plenty of people out there thinking up ways of making triathlon complicated, expensive and even more competitive. With FSR Triathlon Tours I want to offer something that is cheap, simple and somewhat of an adventure. The way that triathlon used to be.

This year I’ve pencilled in just one short tour to the Tegernsee Triathlon. The plan for 2019 is to offer several weekend tours and a 4 Day Tour into Franche Comté. A free service to those who want to come or be inspired to roll out from home for their own tour.

The tour includes 250 km of cycling over three days, one night of camping at Schliersee and a taste of small-town German triathlon culture at the Tegernsee Triathlon. The tour is built around some of the best bike paths in the region.

We're meeting at 08:00 outside the Deutsches Museum on Saturday 30th June. We'll be back in Munich by Sunday evening. There should be a few local athletes and anybody reading this is welcome to come. Friday prologue details TBC.

Ride 250km over 3 days, camp lakeside at Schliersee and race the Tegernsee Triathlon.

Friday 29th June 2018 - Sunday 1st July 2018.

Friday Prologue
Evening 40-50km spin through Perlacher Forest to get used to carrying your load. Finish at a Biergarten. Meeting time and place TBD.

Meet at 0800 outside the Deutsches Museum. Ride 140 km to Schliersee via Worthsee, Bad Tolz and Tegernsee. Swim and look at the Tegernsee Triathlon course before the climb into Schliersee. Final route TBC. Pitch tents. Easy Jog. Evening meal in the camp restaurant.

Breakfast in camp. At 08:00 ride 20km to Tegensee. 10:00 race the Tegensee Olympic or Sprint Distance triathlon. Lunch at the race site. 15:00 Ride 60km back to Munich. 

Your bike. Saturday Lunch. Spare inner tubes, tools etc. Tent / bivvy, sleeping bag etc. Rack, panniers etc. Anything you need to take part in the triathlon on Sunday.

Shared Kit (Provided By Ross)
Stove System. Frying Pan. Spatula. Matches. Coffee Pot. Coffee.

Bad Weather On Saturday

  • Some rain: I’ll ride on Saturday but consider booking a hotel.
  • Heavy rain: I’ll ride or get the train down on Sunday morning.

Want To Come?