Favourite Golf Books

I'm going to lose readers for this. I don't even play golf. I might start. The sport does produce some good writing though. If you like the genre you can't ignore Frost or Feinstein. I haven't read any Herbert Warren-Wind or Bernard Darwin. They all seem to be out of print.

Golf Books.JPG
  1. Major Obsession by Kenny Reid
  2. The Masters by Curt Sampson
  3. The Eternal Summer by Curt Sampson
  4. Open by John Feinstein
  5. Q School by John Feinstein 
  6. The Ryder Cup 1927 - 2014 by Peter Pugh
  7. A Good Walk Spoiled by John Feinstein
  8. The Majors by John Feinstein
  9. The Match by Mark Frost
  10. Grand Slam by Mark Frost
  11. The Greatest Game Ever Played by Mark Frost
  12. The First Major by John Feinstein