Favourite Running Books

I’ve read a lot of running books. A lot. Physiology, training plans, barefooting, biographies, ultra, histories and fiction. Here are the best. Not in order. Tweet me if you think something else should be on the list. And yes. I have read Born to Run.

  • The Perfect Distance by Pat Butcher
  • Bowerman and the Men of Oregon by Kenny Moore
  • Flanagan’s Run by Tom McNab
  • Running with the Buffaloes by Chris Lear
  • North by Scott Jurek
  • Duel in the Sun by John Brant
  • On a Cold Clear Day by Frank Murphy
  • Sub 4:00 by Chris Lear
  • Kings of the Road by Cameron Stracher
  • Feet in the Clouds by Richard Askwith
  • Running with the Legends by Michael Sandrock
  • 3:59.4: The Quest to Break the 4 Minute Mile by John Bryant
  • Strength and Conditioning For Endurance Running by Richard Blagrove.
  • The Way of the Runner by Adharanand Finn
  • Running My Way by Harry Wilson
  • Better Training For Distance Runners by David E. Martin and Peter N. Coe