I'm Podcasting

I'm still working on a personal podcasting project. I haven't had a lot of time recently. I'll let you know when the first episode "drops". It's one of the scariest things I've ever done. Not sure why. I kind of talk all day for a living. I'm really enjoying the process and the gadgets though. There'll be no attempts at worldwide podcast notoriety or to "grow my audience" however.

Don't expect much. Seriously. Basically, I own a couple of microphones and a small mixer that I used to use for drama productions at my old school. I've also got a small recorder to take out in the field. Season 1 will be an audio diary of my 2018 triathlon season. After that I want the vibe to be about keeping triathlon cheap, simple and fun.

I tried to start a podcast with my wife a few years ago. But we were just too busy and couldn't keep up a regular rhythm. We're going to try again in 2018 though. Something about getting outside with the family. The last attempt we called Strasventures because we were living in Strasbourg. The lost tapes are below. Pretty embarrassing!