La Taverne Francaise

I was back in Strasbourg for the day on Monday. I stopped at my old local for a lunchtime pint*. It's on Avenue de la Marseillaise, opposite the Post Office. There's a newsagent's next door if you need to get a paper. I used to meet friends there or go alone with a book.


Inside you'll find a friendly barman, Gilles. People working on laptops. People chatting. Teachers. University Lecturers. Students. Artists. Writers. Good, inexpensive beer.  Post Office workers. People planning stuff. There's also a terrace. Shady in front. Sunny down the side.

The politics are left, the music is low. and the tables are a wood slash formica mix. There are no TVs. Feel free to stick up a poster about your manifestation. Dress somewhere between scruffy and normal-casual. I once saw Francois Holland sitting at the bar.

* Two pints.