Live Music 1

Apparently, attending concerts makes you happier and helps you live longer. I agree. So in February, I went to see Iron and Wine at the Muffathalle in Munich. Not to everybody's taste but a good show. I need to get out more.

I've also been listening to these a lot lately. Neil Young's live recordings from '70 and '71. I love the chit-chat from Young. I'm also a sucker for the cardboard CD sleeve.

Neil Young.JPG

It kind of takes me back to a golden age of distance running. In my opinion. The 1972 Olympics onwards. Have you read Kings of the Road by Cameron Stracher?

The days of short shorts, moustaches, long hair, the club scene, amateurism, Bedford and Hill, Shorter, huge mileage, black socks and the A5 Athletics Weekly.