Nerf Gun Biathlon Target

I haven't had Eurosport since I lived in Lebanon. Back then I used to look forward to getting back from work to watch the Biathlon World Cup races. Those were the days of the Raphael Poirée - Ole Einer Bjorndalen rivalry. Magdalena Forsberg had just retired after winning won six World Cups in a row. I need to get Eurosport again!

This is the third prototype. I experimented with the hole size and target return mechanisms. None of them worked well enough so I have to reset this one manually. I also found a video that shows that Nerf Gun bullets don't actually fly that straight. So there's no point going too far from the target. Two metres seems to work for us.

I’ve tried a few guns. I like The Disruptor the most. The sight seems to work and you can load six bullets. Can’t hit all 3 targets with 6 bullets? Penalty lap!