Planning My Garage

We've just sold our apartment in Strasbourg. We're renting a house in Munich at the moment. It's a great place. Near to work and on the edge of town for a quick escape.

There's also shops, bars, restaurants, parks and a pool. It's in a safe cul-de-sac where loads of kids can be found playing on fine days. Unfortunately, it's really pricey.

If we decide to stick around in Germany, we'll be looking to buy a place in the next few years. Maybe slightly further out of town but still on the S-Bahn.

I currently have quite a big bike workshop and turbo slash lifting area in the basement. However,  when we move I want to have a much bigger, garage or barn style place.

Here are my ideas that I want to include. The Ben Hoffman video shows the sort of space I'm looking for. Tweet me if you find other videos or photos with ideas.

I might also sketch something out and add it to this post tomorrow.

  • 15m x 10m or bigger.
  • Large sliding or open out style doors on two sides.
  • Workbench with a wheel building station.
  • Frame building area.
  • A bar with bar stools. TV.
  • Outside patio with German beer table and benches. 
  • Olympic weightlifting platform.
  • Pull up structure and area for kettlebells.
  • Soft floor area for tumbling.
  • Ropes from beams for climbing.
  • Bouldering wall.
  • Outside bike skills and ramps area.
  • Space to tow a tyre.
  • Canoe storage.
  • Woodwork area with machinery that can be wheeled outside.
  • IT and sewing desks.
  • Room for 4 or 5 turbo trainers permanently set-up.
  • General storage bin area.