The Paleo Chronicles: Eat Bacon. Jog Sometimes.

Starting in 2010 I read all the early Paleo diet books. Wolf. Sisson. Devany. Hines. I skipped the popular wave and then started again in 2014: Tam, Petersen, Sanfilippo and Durant. Notable mentions for Instinctive Fitness by Oliver Selway and Eat, Move and Be Healthy by Paul Chek. Robb Wolf's new book, Wired To Eat, is also excellent.

I wasn't hunting, gathering or pulling my wife from our cave by her hair. Yet I've definitely used these books as well as paleo websites and podcasts to create a framework for making good food choices. I've experimented. I've had good weeks, I've had bad weeks but I've always known where I wanted to go.

Maximize fresh, local vegetables. Eat Good Meat. Eggs, Fish and Fruit. Some potatoes and white rice. Drink water. Eliminate processed foods, sugar (except occasional dark chocolate in small quantities) and salty snacks. Minimize caffeine. Enjoy good bread or beer when appropriate.

At the beginning we worked hard on the logistics. Planning menus. Learning new recipes. I started enjoying cooking. Sourcing food. Shopping locally. Strolling to the markets. Asking questions at farm shops. We joined a vegetable collective. I started getting up early to prepare breakfast and packed lunches.

I'm embarrassed. It wasn't until I was nearly 40 that I started to understand that what I was eating had a huge impact on me emotionally and physically. When I was a competitive athlete poor eating habits must have hampered performances and are partly at the root (!) of ongoing and costly dental work, including braces!

There's no science here. It doesn't interest me. But I've felt the benefits. Constant energy levels. Better mood. More motivation. I eat and drink less in endurance events. I'm leaner, lighter, stronger. Foods taste better. But over the years I've not been consistent enough. Too many excuses. I don't like that.

This year I've got more time to prepare food and shop.  I want to improve my cooking skills and experiment with recipes. I've made a family menu planner that I'll post on the kitchen door every week. I'll be mainly using the new Nom Nom Paleo book for ideas, techniques and meal planning.