Triathlon Goals For 2018

I like jotting stuff like this down and updating when I need to. Back in January I had some performance / time related goals on the list. I've taken them out. Just turning up regularly is enough for me. The process, right?

Don’t train. Stay fit. Be ready for anything.
  1. Document. Write. Record. Take photos.
  2. S:2. B:2. B/R:1 R:1. Weekly.
  3. Lift daily. More Crossfit Munchen
  4. Cook and eat well.
  5. Race local, often, short and hard.
  6. Do more XC skiing and CX.
  7. Do the BTS Club Championships.
  8. Race on a bike that I built myself.
  9. Improve cornering, pack riding and cadence.
  10. Guitar. 15 minutes. Daily.
  11. Make stuff. Grow stuff. Sew.
  12. Improve German to get fully involved in club life.
  13. Tour from my garage.
  14. Weekly family adventures. Canoe. Hike. Bike. Climb. 
  15. Some long trail runs.
  16. The Outlaw. Steady.
  17. Take some triathlon road trips.
  18. Train and race with the boys.