Vosges Run Project: The Day I Jogged 80km

It was September 2013. We came up with the plan over beers in La Taverne Francaise. Pierre and I would run the length of the Vosges mountains.

450km in 8 stages. Stages 1 and 2 were ticked off in late October. 55km from Wissembourg to Niederbronn and 60km from Niederbronn to Saverne.

Back on the GR53.jpg

Then the snows came and we had to wait until the spring of 2014 to run stage three. 80km from Saverne to Schirmeck. It would be by far my longest day afoot.

On Sunday we drove out to Schirmeck. We stashed a picnic in the woods at the 45km point and left Pierre's car at the station. On Sunday we got the train to Saverne at 08:00.

I'd kept fit through the winter by cycling, fairly casual jogging and lots of lifting weights and kettlebells. Three weeks before the big day I did a much higher mileage week.

I felt good the whole day. Psychologically I had a low point after lunch. The end just seemed so far away. I called Gwen, checked on the boys and was good to go again.

We've still not done stage 4. Changing jobs, moving house and babies. For both of us. Although we did sit down a few weeks later a record this very raw audio.